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Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a service offered by the Data Services Department of the Information Services and Technology Division.  EDW consolidates data from multiple sources in support of campus wide decision making and related information needs such as reporting, analysis, and planning.

The vision for the EDW is to provide information that is secure, accurate, timely, consistent, integrated, appropriately detailed, well-organized, and easy to obtain so that people throughout the campus -- staff, faculty, researchers, and executive-level administrators -- will be better able to assess their needs, set priorities, understand the impact of change, and fulfill their programmatic responsibilities more efficiently.

The major components of the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse are:


See this Enterprise Data Warehouse Presentation from Data Services' October 5, 2006 Brown Bag presentation for an overview of the Enterprise Data Warehouse.


Data Warehouse Roadmap

The Data Warehouse Roadmap project is a significant ongoing effort that is addressing the evolution of the UC Berkeley Enterprise Data Warehouse. The planning and recommendations from the Data Warehouse Roadmap project are described in the following documents.  

First Steps to an Enterprise Data Warehouse

A Roadmap for Decision Making: Data Warehouse Architecture

Enterprise Data Warehouse Initiative

Enterprise Data Warehouse Architecture


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